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YOUR team 

At S-GNATURE we believe that each client and each project is one of a kind and as such our partners come together to create Your Bespoke Team. 

Upon commencing our work together, one of our partners will listen to your vision and support you into defining your goals.

We will choose top experts in each field from our international network of Consultants and Coaches and create a seamless experience tailored around your way of working, company culture and vision. 

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I am an ICF accredited Executive Coach and Impact Consultant with a 10+ years

experience working across Europe and the USA within organisations such as Sky, MTV,

Vodafone and Conde Nast.


As a Leadership Development & Impact Consultant I coach executives and their teams

on how to improve their communication, managerial and leadership skills. 

I began my career as a journalist for SKY and MTV, and for several years I had the privilege of managing teams of talented executives and creatives in wonderful organisations around the world.

A few years ago, a close friend said she thought my greatest talent was my ability to see what each person would be like if they were living to their full potential and inspiring them to achieve it. I have turned this into my career. I thrive in empowering people to reconnect with who they are, with their passions, with their talents, with their purpose and with the people that are a part of their lives. I walk alongside them as they redefine their concept of success and achieve it.

In 2016 I founded S-GNATURE, a collective of leaders from different industries who come together to share their expertise, stories and experiences but most of all to provide a bespoke coaching and learning experiences to develop thought leaders and to support professionals in achieving their full potential. 

I also work with change makers in identifying how they can effectively communicate who they are and what they do in the media, online, at public events and in their everyday lives. 


I have had the privilege to work with incredibly inspiring clients such as the World Economic Forum, Vodafone, Sanofi, SECO, Sant'Anna University, Politecnico, Talent Garden and many more. Each program is designed bespoke, as in many years of experience I have learned that there are no two businesses or two individuals with the same needs, goals, talents and way of working, learning and developing. My expertise as an individual and our expertise as a team at S-GNATURE allows us to deliver one of a kind programs to truly suit our client's needs and ways of working. 

S-GNATURE stands for 'one of a kind', we know you are, our work will be designed around this concept: You.




I am an ICF accredited Executive Coach and Organizational Consultant with 25 years of experience working across the world within organisations such as Unilever, Reckitt Benckiser, Danone and Dyson.  I was born in Italy, country I left in 2007 to work abroad in the USA, in Mexico and in the UK, where I currently live with my family. I hold both Italian and British citizenship.

I understand the challenges of adapting and of being an effective leader within in different cultural environments as well as the high demands managers face when they are actively engaged with parenting their children. I have spent over 24 years working as a Marketing Director and Managing Director in the FMCG and technology sectors across multiple categories: food, infant nutrition, home care and telecommunications and design.

Currently, I coach CEOs and leadership teams in different sectors and therefore continue to remain in touch with business and management challenges on a daily basis. Having sat on the executive committee of Danone de Mexico, Danone Early Life Nutrition UK, and Millward Brown UK, I have made it to the top of the ladder myself and I have experienced first hand the intricacies of managing large teams and of influencing the board of directors’ team. 


I have led the crafting of functional as well as company-wide strategy and have supervised the implementation of their marketing and communication plans. I have been affected by stress at work and have suffered from exhaustion at times. By reading, exercising and through the practice of mindfulness, I have learned to navigate periods of uncertainty and anxiety and developed my own resilience practice. Throughout my career, I developed a strong interest in people, teams and leadership and therefore decided to become an accredited ICF coach. 


I am passionate about helping people make better sense of their lives and achieve their full potential personally and professionally. I also support struggling businesses who are hungry for a turn-around as well as young entrepreneurs who need to channel their drive and creativity to achieve maximum impact in the short term with very limited resources. 

My clients today belong to different industries: Digital services, Tech / Micro Computers, Retail food, Healthcare, Spirits, Media & entertainment, Pharma.  I have a passion for traveling, cycling and foreign languages and I can coach in Italian, English, French and Spanish. 



I am an Executive Coach, Mentor and Organisational Consultant with 25 years of corporate experience working globally in blue chip organisations such as Colgate Palmolive, Mars Petcare, Kellogg’s, Danone and GSK Consumer Healthcare.  I was born in Chile, raised in Venezuela and in the USA and then worked in Peru, Hong Kong, Japan, Spain, France and in the UK, where I currently live with my family.  


The multitude of multi-cultural experiences in my life brought me to comprehend how important it is to understand and master both communication and behavioral skills in order to thrive not only in a corporate environment, but in every challenges life presents you with.



I have worked across numerous product categories, from toiletries to food to pet nutrition in global strategic roles as well as on leadership teams in operational roles.  I first handedly experienced both good and toxic leadership, as well as periods of accelerated career success and of high stress and loss of motivation leading to burnout. These highs and lows have allowed me to grow as a person and stemmed my strong interest towards human development.


A few years ago I started helping friends and people referred by friends through their career transitions, working on their value proposition and focusing on what they liked to do best. I started to see the impact we can have when we focus one’s areas of strengths and positives instead of following what we are normally taught which is to find our weak spots and development opportunities.  


I truly enjoyed supporting my clients in shifting their engagement levels, performance and personal balance and I decided to formalize my work and obtained a Diploma in Executive Coaching at the Academy of Executive Coaching (AOEC) in London.  After working several months only on Individual Coaching, I joined S-GNATURE as Partner and expanded my practice and expertise to Team Development working both in both Spanish and in English.


When I am not coaching, I enjoy playing classical piano.  I have been an entrepreneur and have helped non profit organisations on their digital transformation. 

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